From the depths of despair for Public Houses, comes not only the Opportunity but also the considerable Privilege of bringing People and their Communities back together again both in 2021 and beyond.

We believe strongly, that at their heart, the relationship of the Pub to the People they serve, has little changed through Generations, for all those who seek to be in the company of others; perhaps never before has there been the Opportunity or, indeed, the  Social need to recover our long standing values.

There are, we believe, just 3 simple Peas in the Perfect Pub! great People,  a great Place delivering a great Proposition, and we offer, to our Clients, a wealth of skills and experience in all of these aspects.  We can help you Identify, Recruit and Train great People, build a great Place and create a great and differentiated Proposition  to help you reopen your doors with a great New Business.  We offer our service to help you with any one of our 3 Peas, or indeed, all 3, with a POD endorsement of Style and Quality, so why not join our crusade?

Sadly, like the High Street, simply reopening our doors will not suffice for many, the pub no longer part of an expensive routine. Such a great shame, when their Potential Value to society has never been greater. However,  no Pub is an Island, each and every pub should be part of a wider and entertaining Pub community of differentiated diversity, rather than simply competing with a similar offer on the same playing field.  To do so will meet the needs of the community and we can help you achieve such distinction.

For some, investment might be required, but being served Great Drinks and Food by nice People in a nice Place is neither difficult or necessarily expensive and POD are here to help and advise with focus.

We have a Portfolio of successful Public House involvement, undertaken for discerning, private operators and smaller sometimes start up, Pub Companies, seeking sensitive and unique bespoke places for intimate, comfortable and popular success, examples of which are here on our website,  with varying involvement from  1, to 3 Peas from our POD! There is a wonderful future to come for Pubs, our people need us!