Nina Katz

Nina has many years experience in the standards and disciplines necessary for the management of a healthy and profitable, Pub business.  She joined us as the General Manager of our Five Bells inn Brabourne and  has subsequently gone on to embrace fully, the new culture of our business. As General Manager,  she has developed not only our controls, but also the welfare of our team, team building and standards of delivery without compromise.  Nina created a business so successful that customer demand for another similar pub, encouraged us to grow our  business and her role developed eventually, to the management of all four Ramblinns, day to day.

John Rogers

John trained in Beer and Architecture from an early age and has had the privilege of combining his love of pubs with his design skills, customer focused, yet commercially sensible, in a field where success is measured by popularity and Return on Capital.  He is well known throughout the industry as a wise and talented investor on behalf of his clients.  He also is the first to acknowledge that good design is just one Pea in a Pod of 3!

Scott Wanstall

Scott was trained in Professional Cookery at South Kent College before going on to develop his skills with the great Chef’s of Read’s,  the Marquis and Eastwell Manor.  He loves cooking for those who enjoy accessible fresh food in a casual environment. Being a local boy, he enjoys the simplicity of fish, and simple cooking, so it was a great privilege to have him join us at the Five Bells inn and subsequently for the whole of the Ramblinns group. Our ever changing diversity of our fresh food offer is a testimony to Scott’s skills and his relationship with the many Farmers, Fishermen and Growers, around us.